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Apartments & Rooms for Rent in Tokyo & Vicinity

Looking for a place in Tokyo for a short or medium-term stay, and worried about the tangle of agents, language, key money, etc?  It can be difficult for foreigners in Japan to find suitable accommodation. Tokyo Room Information has a long history of helping foreigners find suitable accommodation in and around Tokyo. If you're looking for an affordable room or apartment, you've come to the right place!


Consider what we offer:

  • Short or long term housing
  • Fully furnished rooms with bedding, desk, chairs, fridge, washing-machine, etc.
  • No key money
  • No agent's fee
  • English & Japanese assistance
We have a variety of apartments in the Chiba-ken (Chiba Prefecture) and Tokyo areas.

Locations in Chiba-ken (Chiba Prefecture is immediately east of Tokyo):
  • Gyotoku
  • Minami-Gyotoku
  • Myoden
  • Baraki-Nakayama
  • Nishi-Funabashi
  • and more...
Locations in and near Tokyo:
  • Koiwa
  • Shin-Koiwa
  • Shibamata
  • Nishi-Kasai
  • Funabori
  • Ojima
  • Higashi-Ojima
  • Kawasaki (Kanagawa Prefecture)
  • Tsurumi
  • Kamata
  • Asagaya
  • and more...

Only a standard, fully-refundable deposit of one month's rent is required as security against damage or default.


Tokyo Room Information can also introduce "UR" Government Apartments in any location in Tokyo and the surrounding area.  Some of the most popular areas where we have experience and a wide choice of apartments are: Nishi-Kasai, Toyocho, Kiba (Tozai Line) Ojima, Hishi-Ojima, Nishi-Ojima (Shinkuku-Line), Kamata, Kawasaki, Tsurumi (Kehin-Tohoku Line).

UR Apartments have following merits:

1. No Key Money
2. No Agent Fee
3. No Renewal Charge
4. No Guarantor Necessary

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